HEL-805-19L-WHITE Helmibond 805 Hot/cold Press & Wood Bonding PVA

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HELMINTIN Helmibond 805 Hot/Cold Press & Wood Bonding PVA Adhesive

    • A Radio-frequency curable, pre-catalyzed PVA adhesive
    • with Type II water resistance
    • Ideal for hot and cold pressing decorative overlays to particleboard and MPF
    • Excellent choice for wood assembly applications where water resistance is needed.
    • Excellent machining on glue spreaders
    • Long open time (about 5 min.) long closed assembly time (about 15 min)
    • Fast setting
    • Pre-catalyzed for Type II Water Resistance
    • High Shear strength
    • Radio frequency active
    • Coverage/Gal: 229 ft² @ 7 wet mils
    • Open time: 5 minutes
    • Color: White
    • Packaging: 5 gallon Pail (19L)
    • Working temperature at 18ºC or warmer (Best results use above 21ºC)
    • Avoid exposure of containers to direct sunlight
    • Standard: LEED, SCAQMD, ANSI/HPVA Type II Water Resistance
    • Safety Data Sheet : 
      • https://helmitin.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/SDS-805.pdf


Item #: HEL-805-19L-WHITE Helmibond 805 Hot/cold Press & Wood Bonding PVA

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