HEL-890-19L-WHITE Helmibond 890 Post-Formable Vinyl Acetate

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HELMINTIN Helmibond 890 Postforming & Pinch Rolling Adhesive

  • A versatile vinyl acetate adhesive with excellent bonds to a wide range of 
  • materials i addition to wood
  • Desiged primarily for use with automated and manual postforming machinery
  • Can be sprayed or roll coated for use in hot bonding, hot pressing, 
  • hot roll laminating, cold pressing and "pinch roll & stack" flat laminating applications
  • Postformable
  • High initial tack & Very fast setting for "Pinch roll & Stack"
  • Very high Solids
  • Reduces wraping vs low solids products and boosts coverage per gallon
  • Coverage/Gal: 266ft² @ 6 wet mils
  • Open time: 5 minutes
  • Color: White
  • Packaging: 5 gallon Pail (19L)
  • Working temperature at 18ºC or warmer (Best results use above 21ºC)
  • Do not appy or make bonds at temperatures below 18ºC
  • Standard: LEED, SCAQMD

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Item #: HEL-890-19L-WHITE Helmibond 890 Post-Formable Vinyl Acetate

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