INOXA Under Sink Rack (XDR-108)

Side: Mounted to the Right XDR-108R
Finish: White
Sale price$159.00
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INOXA® Under Sink Rack 450mm Left

  • Product Made in ITALY
  • Rack with 2 baskets (solid bottom)
  • Ideal for Cleaning Products storage
  • Soft Close
  • Guild Rails on Left-hand-side or Right-hand-side
  • GRASS® Slide
  • Minimum internal Width 15"
  • Min Interior Depth 20"
  • Capacity 15kg
Item #: INOXA Under Sink Rack 15" Left Side (XDR-108L)
Internal Width: 380mm / 15"


Item #: XDR-108R
Internal Width: 380mm / 15"


Installation Instructions PDF

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