Kinvaro T-65 Lift-Up Flap Fitting Black/Yello Spring - F151147682

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Lift-Up Flap Fitting T-65

  • Variable opening angle - holds flap securely at any angle between 45 and 110 degree
  • Extremely comfortable opening thanks to spring-supported opening mechanism
  • Adjustable spring force
  • Integrated adjustable closing damper
  • Flap 3-dimensionally adjustable - height, side, angle: direct adjustment +/- 1.5mm
  • No hinges fitted to the top panel
  • Allows additional cabinet installation above
  • Can be used for wooden flaps or aluminium frames with glass infill
  • Weight 0.7 to 7.4 kg
  • Range of flaps: width: up to 1200mm; height: 250-600mm
  • Cover caps in grey.
  • on right without damper and on left with damper, pre-assembled springs standard, incl. cover caps

Installation Instructions PDF



Item #: Lift-Up Flap Fitting T-65 (F151147682)
Brand: GRASS®




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