Peanut Shape Blind Corner WLM-003 series & WLM-004 series

Direction of Swing: Swing to Left WLM-003
Finish: White
Sale price$159.00
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  • Blind Corner - Peanut Shape
  • Components: 2 Baskets
    Dark Grey Color comes with Grey anti-slip mat and metal bottom
    White Color comes with wooden bottom
  • Can be installed in desired height individually
  • Min. Internal Opening Width 16-1/2'
  • Cabinet Width (Internal) 36'
  • Feature - Trays can be pulled out individually with soft closing
  • Available in White & Grey color
WLM-003L (Left Swing in Grey Color), WLM-004R (Right Swing in Grey Color) or
(Left Swing in White Color), WLM-B004R (Right Swing in White Color)

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