TIOMOS Soft Close Hinge

Style: Full overlay
Head: Impresso
Degree: 110
Sale price$4.08
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GRASS Tiomos Soft Close Hinge

  • Soft Close
  • Impresso - no tool require
  • Dowel - with dowels for knock in
  • Screw-on - with holes for screw on
  • Optimum reveals for door thickness up to 24mm
  • Convenient depth adjustment via worm gear
  • 3-dimensional adjustment with appropriate mounting plate


Item #: TIOMOS Soft Close  Hinge 
Door Style: Full Overlay, Half Overlay, Insert
Mechanism: Soft Closing
Application Angle: 110°, 90°, 45°, 160°
Material: Steel
Brand: GRASS

Tiomos 110°  Installation Instructions PDF 

Tiomos 90°  Installation Instructions PDF  

Tiomos 45°  Installation Instructions PDF 

Tiomos 155° Installation Instructions PDF

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